2021 Tokyo Olympic Games Preview

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After the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo were postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic there was a lot of concern over whether the games will take place at all, fortunately the world is looking secure enough to commence the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in the summer of 2021. 

History of the Olympics

The Ancient Olympic games were held every 4 years in Olympia, Greece and included mainly athletic but also some combat events like wrestling and chariot racing along with ritual sacrifice to honour the Greek god Zeus. The modern Olympics took inspiration from the ancient games of Greece and is considered the largest global sporting event with over 200 nations taking part. 

Sports to Bet On

Before the Olympics begin the bets available are centred around the medals awarded to Olympians including the nation with the most medals, the best medal score and even the amount of medals countries will finish the competition with. As it gets closer to the games commencing sites will start releasing odds on events and Olympians taking part, the games include Athletics, Football, Tennis, Handball and many more. The massive selection of games available to bet on and the opportunity for almost everybody in the world to wager on their nation coming out on top is what makes betting on the Olympics so brilliant! 

Most Popular Sports

The most popular sports at the event sometimes offer the best odds for betting as so many other people have stakes on the winners. Some of the most anticipated sports of the games are: 

  • Gymnastics – This mesmerising feat of human athleticism and perfectly synchronised grace is easily one of the most viewed games and open for bets on stars like Great Britain’s own Alice Kinsella or Max Whitlock. 
  • Boxing – The boxing is another popular event, particularly for bettors as all of the different weight classes and fighters previous stats aid in putting together good bets on points, rounds or even medals gained. 
  • Swimming – Another event with many sub-genres to enjoy the swimming is great to watch and wager on maybe because like the Athletics it doesn’t take too long to find out the result. 
  • Athletics – This huge part of the games is stuffed with track and field events, many of which similar to the Ancient Olympic games. 

Where to Bet

Many of the sites we promote will be offering competitive odds for events across the games and also brilliant starting bonuses if you are looking to make an account for the first time, you will find great Olympics betting tips available to help you make sense of the options. To help you sift through all of the sites we have added reviews of each site and star rating for your convenience, head over to our Sports Betting page now to have a look. 

When Does it Start? 

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic games is set to begin on 23rd, July 21 and host 339 events until the closing ceremony on 8th, August 21. Now is a great time to get an account set up and prepare for all the excitement of the modern Olympic games.