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18+, Welcome Bonus: New Players only, 1st Deposit, Min Deposit: £10, max £10 bonus, valid for 14 days, bets must be placed at odds of 1/1 or greater and be settled within 14 days of placement. System bets no eligible.Read More

Welcome to the World of Sports Betting 

Do you have good insights about a particular sport or league? Then maybe you found a betting universe where you will do a lot more than just take chances, you may be able to use skills and true strategy to beat the odds, the market and cash out some profits! 

Nowadays it is possible to bet on virtually any professional sports events. You can of course bet on the team you follow more closely in the English Premier League or the Football Championship just like you can bet at obscure Badminton matches in Vietnam. The market offers betting selections literally any time of the day. If you open the live market of a renowned bookie you will always see an ongoing event. Always. 

The essence of profiting with sports betting is information, and thankfully information is free! If you speak a foreign language you can read fresh news from a specific league and follow a market closely. The scale of your betting can be as little as making a few extra hundred pounds a month to help make ends meet or try to go all the way and become a pro. 

Regardless what your goals in the sports betting world are, this guide will help you to understand it a little better – especially in terms of bonuses and promotions. 

Sports Markets and the Promotions 
If you are used to Casino websites then maybe you will find some similarities with bonuses, especially those related to housewarming (welcome) bonuses and cash deposit multipliers, however there are some quite distinct ones such as the odds boost to specific events that need a little further explanation in case you are new to the sports section of your favourite operator.  

Housewarming Gifts a.k.a. Welcome Bonuses 
These bonuses are literally anywhere in the industry. The competition amongst operators has never been so intense which means they don’t expect the customers to move their gambling volume elsewhere unless they are properly convinced, and the welcome bonuses are indeed a nice way of persuasion. 

The most common promotions to bring new players and steal betting volume from competitors would be the deposit cash bonuses. Normally they are a bit different than Casinos, as they apply just to the first deposit while within the Casino world the cash bonus for deposits often times is divided in a few deposits, i.e. you get the bonus progressively over a number of subsequent deposits. 

Some kinds of promotions for newcomers also are related to specific events, in UK notably football, and they may come in the form of a riskless bet in a prestigious event or other things such as odds boost that will be explained later.  

The Deposit Bonuses Variations 
It is quite important to mention that the bonuses derived from deposits may vary a lot, sometimes the bookmaker will simply reward you with a credit good to be used anywhere in the website (at times even within the Casino part), but sometimes you will also face conditions called ‘Wagering Terms’ which force you to bet within certain conditions in order to be able to request a withdrawal of earnings derived from the bonus money. 

The restrictions may come in the form of a ‘direction’ to the bet, for example you must bet in the coming month, at minimum odds of 1.6.  

It is also possible that you need to bet fixed amounts of money, let’s say only 2 bets worth the deposit bonus. If you got a 50£ deposit bonus, then you would be forced let’s say to make two bets worth 25£. These restrictions may be combined in different ways which means you need to read carefully the Wagering terms of the bookmaker you choose before you decide to make a deposit – make sure you find somewhere the terms for cashing out those winnings are realistic, be careful as there are several unrealistic bonus offers that are just ‘fake money’ that will never leave the virtual balance of the bookie! 

Boosted Odds – Specific Event Promotions 
Sometimes the bookmakers explore the interest of the public on particular sports events such as the UEFA Champions League Final, and offer boosted odds at a particular selection. There are several different kinds of boosted odds and they usually make part of the marketing campaigns of the operators. Things like ‘bet here on Liverpool at the UCL final to get better odds’ or ‘Will Messi Score in the upcoming Barça UCL match?’ can be found easily during the most interesting moments of the football season. Other sports may also offer boosted odds but in Europe the most common scenario is so see football boosted odds. 

There may be other forms of promotions related to a specific match such as a ‘free bet’ on a match if you make a minimum deposit for example.  

Just like any bonus, you need to be cautious and make sure you understand all the requirements that allow you to cash out your potentials earnings – it may be very frustrating to feel like you win then find out it’s quite harder than you imagined to ever feel that money on your pocket. 

Unrealistic and Discontinued Bonuses 
The market is full of nice bonus offers made by serious companies, but the internet is also full of crooks which means you must be careful when the bonus seems just too good to be true. 

If all the big companies are offering a bonus of 100% to 200% in your region and a rather unknown website is offering 650% then you probably should keep away from them. Luckily nowadays it’s very easy to find out more about untrustworthy operators, and bookmaker reviews may be quite helpful in this sense.  

There are some kinds of bonuses that are rare to find nowadays at sports betting sites, and the no deposit bonuses seem to fall into this category – while it is very common for Casinos (the good ones too) to offer these things, it’s quite rare to see it when it comes to sports gambling. It is not impossible to find it but make sure you understand what kind of company your are dealing with before spending time using virtual finds, because if you can’t cash them out then you are just wasting your time.