Cycling: Tour de France Preview

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Since its first staging in 1903, primarily to increase sales of the French newspaper¬†L‚ÄôAuto; the¬†Tour de France¬†has remained one of the biggest cycling tournaments in the world. It has been held annually every year since its beginning with¬†the exception of pauses during both the world wars.¬†The event takes place over 23 days and includes¬†21 day¬†long stages¬†and 2 ‚Äėrest days‚Äô.¬†

Since 2010 the UK has had 6 winners of the Tour de France including 4 times between 2013 and 17 by Chris Froome. The last winner was Slovenian, Tadej Pogacar. 

Types of Bets

Currently¬†Tour de France¬†betting is only¬†really available¬†on the ‚Äėoutright winner‚Äô with sites like¬†Mr.Play¬†and¬†Betway¬†offering great¬†Tour de France¬†betting odds¬†on individuals from 6/5 to 250/1. These sites are offering brilliant incentives for new¬†members such as at least ¬£10 in free bets making their¬†Tour de France¬†betting experience even better.¬†

Although at this time it is only possible to bet on the ‚Äėoutright winner‚Äô this will change as the competition begins. Sites will begin releasing betting odds for each stage of the¬†Tour de France. Customers will be able to place wagers on each stages winner and finishing places, the betting odds will change throughout the competition.¬†

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When and Where Does It Start?

The Tour de France 2021 competition will begin on the 26th of June with he opening stage beginning at Brest and ending 187KM away at Landernau. The competition will see cyclist covering a total of 3,383 km with a high of 248 in one day over the 21 stages. The 2021 Toure de France will come to an end on the July 18th with a 112 km ride from Chatou to Paris. 

Each stage of the competition is classified by the terrain or type of event. There are 8 stages of the event taking place on what is considered a ‚Äėflat‚Äô surface, a further 5 are held across a ‚Äėhilly‚Äô environment and another 6 in ‚Äėmountainous‚Äô terrain. The remaining 2 are classed as Individual Time Trial (ITT), these cover a lot shorter distance than other days of the competition so are over relatively quickly in comparison.¬†¬†

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And remember when gambling on sports events it is always wise to set yourself limits to avoid betting becoming a problem, this is a great way to have fun however cannot ensure financial success. So enjoy the sites and Tour de France responsibly.