Football Betting Tips

Football On Pitch

Although games that resemble football in one way or another can be seen dotted throughout history from Ancient China to 16th century Florence the first codified rules of football did not come about until the 1800’s. The earliest recorded matches took place between the school in which the rules were made into what we know today, the first being between Eton and Harrow school in 1834.  

How Betting On Football Works

Betting on Football works in the same way it does for any other sport, the bookie or sports betting site determines the odds of different outcome of a match, tournament or season taking place. The bettor (you) then choose which of these outcome you think will happen and place money on it winning the pre-determined return if it comes out. There are plenty of different bets you can choose to stake a wager on that involve, teams, players, events, results etc. if you are new to football betting there are plenty of football betting tips on our affiliate sites to help you place a bet. 

What types of bets can be placed?

As mentioned, there is a huge selection of bets to choose from when it come to Football, there are even bet builders and accumulators alongside single bets available at many of the sites we work with. The most popular bet in Football is the result, that is choosing how the game will end, this is known as 1X2 with ‘1’representign the home team, ‘X’ a draw and ‘2’ the away team. Other popular bets include: 

  • Correct score, what the score will be at the end of play. 
  • Half time, who will be winning or will the score be even after 45 minutes. 
  • Goals over/under if the total amount of goals will end over or under a number. 
  • Both teams to score if both teams playing will secure a goal.  

Where can I bet on football?

If you would like to learn more about the betting possibilities of Football matches head over to one of our affiliate football betting sites found at our sports betting page. All of the sites that we work with are professional, legitimate sites that put customer experience as their number 1 priority. Better yet if you aren’t already a member you can take advantage of the great starting bonuses that are on offer right now to kick-start your football betting experience. 

Biggest Football Tournaments

The biggest tournament in Football, possibly of any sport is the FIFA World Cup, this pits every country on the globes top 11 players against each other with spectacular results. Other popular competitions include the UEFA Europa League, The Copa America, The Copa del Rey and the UEFA Champions league. The most important leagues around the world include the Chinese Super League, Brasileirao, Ligue 1, the Bundesliga and The Premier league. 

Upcoming Events 

Emirates FA Cup (Aug 2021 – May 2022). 

England XI vs World XI for Soccer Aid (4th September 2021). 

Africa Cup of Nation (January 2022). 

FIFA World Cup (November -December 2022).