What is RTP and Why Does It Matter?

Man Playing Slots

The term RTP is seen across the majority of slot games reviews, whilst it could be considered the most important thing about a slot game there are many players that do not know what it means. Of course, there are a lot of different mechanics that decide when and how much a slot game will pay out it is helpful to know as much about the RTP as possible. This feature will hopefully provide the required information and clear any confusion about the RTP play of slot games. 

What is RTP?

The acronym RTP, otherwise known as Return to Player is often displayed below 100%. For example, the  RTP of Starburst slot is 96.09% meaning for every £/€/$1000 paid in Starburst Slot will return £/€/$960.90. The mechanics behind these games can be so complex that they go into decimal places. 

Why is it important?

In terms of the online gambling sites the RTP is important as it ensures players that the game is fair and there is a guaranteed return on all money taken by the game. Without this rating players would have no way of knowing whether a game is reliable or not. Although an RTP 0f 96% does not mean a deposit of £/€/$100 will return £/€/$96.00, there are other variables at play such as a games volatility which determines the likelihood of different sized payouts being won and how often. Whilst many different factors come into play regarding if a game will pay out the RTP is important when deciding if a game is right for you. 

How does it work?

The RTP of a slot game determined how much is paid out in conjunction with what is put into a machine, however the way in which this occurs is not as straight forwards as for ever £/€/$100 put in £/€/$96.00 will come out. If this was the case, then nobody would make nay profit and there would be little reason to play. The return must come over time in different sized payouts so that some players win big and others not at all, which players get lucky is the gamble with these games. 

RTP Effect on RNG

The chance of what appears in computerised casino and gambling games is decided by a Random Number Generator (RNG). Whether it be the next card to be turned over in online poker, the symbols that appear on a reel or where the ball lands in a game of roulette is all down to the RNG that creates a string of cards, symbols, or numbers at random. The first addition to this string of outcomes is added manually and known as the ‘seed’, it is through this seed that the possibility of a winning combination can be found and the RTP manipulated. 


With any luck this has not been too complicated, with regards to RTP mechanics this is a simplistic overview. Hopefully, you can now see how the RTP is designed to benefit the house however it can have an effect on the payouts players can expect. We wish you luck in choosing your next online game with this in mind, many of our affiliate sites games RTP’s are available before playing.